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Our Approach – Investment Management

To identify, acquire, finance and manage real estate opportunities that meet our mutual investment criteria, thereby outperforming the investors base case scenario.

To achieve this objective, we take a mainly commercial approach reflecting our belief that the back office of property management (financial- and technical management) is well organized in the market and intensive commercial management will make the difference. We aim to compose and manage real estate portfolio’s with opportunistic risk-return profiles to maximize the return. By means of our extensive finance expertise and (international) network of funding sources, we are able to arrange the best suitable financing solution.

This approach ensures our partners with capital appreciation and downside protection, at all times, over a medium term investment horizon.

In addition, we participate in the opportunities offered to show our alignment towards our partners.

Our investment philosophy is implemented by means of a structured research-driven investment and finance process, where decisions are made with expert judgement and a healthy dose of common sense. UniforeDMC as an organization maintains an entrepreneurial spirit with short decision lines. This is the blend of art and science in our approach to real estate investing, finance and management.

Trackrecord value add. 2011 – 2015


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